NC Parent Resource Center at Families in Action, Inc. is pleased to be a statewide partner for Talk it Out. In 2013 the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission was charged by Governor Pat McCrory with directly addressing the issue of underage drinking. The NC ABC Commission established the “North Carolina Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking” and immediately undertook first-of-its-kind quantitative and qualitative research throughout the state to understand mindset of parents and children, and gage magnitude of the problem. Upon the completion of their research in 2014, the Initiative created the “Talk it Out” multi-media awareness campaign focused on encouraging parents to talk with their kids about the dangers of underage drinking. The campaign aligns directly with Coalition goals including community outreach, pilot programs at universities, earned media exposure, seller/server trainings, free print materials, downloadable videos, social media recognition, and statewide radio and television advertising. Visit to learn more and join the conversation.

Jim Gardner-Sticking Neck Out